Abschied von Luc Isebaert

Lieber Luc,

Du fehlst uns so sehr.
Du bist so ein wunderbarer Freund.
Danke dafür, dass Du uns und unser Leben mit Deiner Liebe und Güte, Deiner Einsicht und Deinem Humor so viel reicher gemacht hast.
Du fehlst uns.
Du bist nah.

Dear Sophie, be surrounded by a warm and kind and soothing caring light and presence. Luc's life was so much more alive because of you.

Warm thoughts to all relatives and friends and all you who like us had the good grace to learn from Luc.

May his blessings continue.

Matthias & Insa



The Korzybski Institute is sad to announce that its founder Dr Luc Isebaert has passed away.
After a long illness, that he carried with remarkable dignity and courage, Luc has left us. Just two days ago the staff members of our institute visited Luc and were treated to a lesson on the different Dionysius figures in history, Luc being Luc until his last breath.
M.D., Specialist in Neurology, psychiatry, psychosomatics and psychotherapy, he was also one of the original founding fathers and developers of Solution Focused Brief Therapy.
The official start of the Korzybski Institute in 1984, the development of the Bruges Model, his long lasting friendship with Steve and Insoo, are all determining steps he took. Unfalteringly promoting and developing his ideas through his many engagements in scientific associations:
1. Founding member and former secretary of the A.E.R.T.S. (Association Européenne pour la Recherche en Thérapie Systemique)
2. Founding member and former secretary and president of the E.B.T.A. (European Brief Therapy Association )
3. Member of the E.F.T.A. ( European Family Therapy Association )
4. Member of the IFTA (International Family Therapy Association)
5. Member of the Royal Society of Psychiatry of Belgium
6. Member of the BVRGS (Belgian Society for for relational, systemic and family interventions)
7. Founding member and secretary of the AFACC (Association Francophone pour les Approches Centrées sur les Compétences)
8. Founding member of the VVDO (Belgian Association of Solution- Focused Therapists
9. Founding secretary of the IASTI (International Alliance of Solution- Focused Teaching Institutes)
10. Founding member of the Belgian Association of Systemic Family Therapy Trainers

As former head of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychosomatics at St. John’s Hospital (Bruges, Belgium) he was also widely recognized as an authority on the treatment of alcohol dependency.
Having published over a dozen of books in more than 4 languages and teaching many thousands of students in his career, the Solution Focused Family has lost one of his earliest and greatest influencers.
Most of all we have lost a generous, loving and kind man who was capable of not only seeing, but also bringing up, the best in the people he met. We will never forget Luc...